Mar 17, 2011

{blueray} the graduate (1967)

recent college graduate benjamin braddock is trapped into an affair with mrs. robinson, who happens to be the wife of his father's business partner and then finds himself falling in love with her teenage daughter, elaine.

i have not been posting because of life but i should be posting more often and giving you guys more cool music and films, stay tuned

Feb 27, 2011

monochrome orchestra - harley davidson

unforunately i don't know very much about these artists but i know they are a 60s band based out of montreal

enjoy the music, though!

i will start to post some nice compilation albums instead of just single music videos so free up some space on your pc and get some nice speakers/headphones :p

Feb 22, 2011

the cobras - goodbye

"They were students at North Ridge Junior High School when they recorded this song. They had talent for 8th graders. Rick Sadowski, Stu Margolin, Eric Welsh, and Danny Odum. Danny went on to sing for the group "Head East" who had a number one hit called 'Never Been Any Reason' " - from youtube comment
best song i've ever heard from 8th graders lol

Feb 18, 2011

collage - suur tamm

there happens to be two bands named collage - this one is the estonian one and the cooler looking ones too

you can listen to them here:

and read about them here:


Feb 15, 2011

kaplan - i like

there wasn't  much i could find out about this guy but here is something i found on this blog

"Known simply as Kaplan for his two recordings in the 60s for Philips, Kaplan Kaye comes from showbiz stock with his father being comedian and actor Davey Kaye, and his sister being actress Melody Kaye. Kaplan started off in acting, performing in Midsummer Night's Dream on stage and in 60s radio drama 'The Dales'.

In the 70s Kaplan worked in an A&R capacity at DJM records, as well as releasing several singles under his own name. He now runs a successful entertainment booking agency."
enjoy :p

Feb 13, 2011

jacqueline taieb - le cour au bout des doigts

this woman has some pretty incredible music

i had only heard one other song of hers before hearing this and i was surprised by the amount of good stuff she made - youtube jacqueline taieb!

Feb 12, 2011

gal costa - namorinho de portão

don't you just love her voice?  

song is just lovely, if you know any music with girls singing in cute/sexy languages post them in the comments 

: )

herbie mann - what's going on

let's change the pace and get a little sexy - but no laughing at the album cover


Feb 8, 2011

The Zombies - Odessey And Oracle (1968)

mp3 cbr 320kbps


01. Care Of Cell 44
02. A Rose For Emily
03. Maybe After He's Gone
04. Beechwood Park
05. Brief Candles
06. Hung Up On A Dream
07. Changes
08. I Want Her She Wants Me
09. This Will Be Our Year
10. Butchers Tale (Western Front 1914)
11. Friends Of Mine
12. Time Of The Season
13. I'll Call You Mine
14. Imagine The Swan
the zombies are one of my favorite bands and not only do i think they're comparable to the beatles i think they kick their asses
they sold something like 100 million records but for some reason not a lot of people know about them these days.  this is just one album but all their music is awesome, so don't just download it; go buy it too.  and when you listen come back and tell me what you think


ps. download links to all film and music posts are in the first word of each post, i upload a small text file and paste the link(s) to the actual download in that file

les papyvores - psychedelque badge

i just love french girls voices - this guy has some nice songs uploaded, check it out

Feb 6, 2011

big robot - electric hymn to pan

another video with trippy visuals and good music.  also, you might not have noticed but for my film/music posts there are download links to the films/albums hidden somewhere in the post - here's a hint; run your mouse over the words

: )

Feb 5, 2011

cool art

click on pictures to visit the artist's website, he has a ton of cool stuff

panda bear - bros

another video with cool visuals and good music, i'll edit this post with the youtube channel i got this video from once i remember lol

make a deal with the devil

hehe interesting video about the record industry accompanied by some sweet tunes

Neil Young - Tonight's the Night (1975)

rock |1cd |EAC Rip| flac+cue+log| cover|270mb

Track list:
1 - Tonight's the Night
2 - Speakin' Out
3 - World On A String
4 - Borrowed Tune
5 - Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown
6 - Mellow My Mind
7 - Roll Another Number (For The Road)
8 - Albuqueque
9 - New Mama
10 - Lookout Joe
11 - Tired Eyes
12 - Tonight's the Night - Part II

guy is a legend; listen

Enter the Void (2009)

A drug-dealing teen is killed in Japan, after which he reappears as a ghost to watch over his sister.

i didn't really like this, the visuals were incredible and Paz de la Huerta is hot as fuck but it kinda bored me, i think I would have liked it a lot better without any talking and just seeing all the crazy visuals

mark this down as one to watch while under the influence of hallucinogens 

Never Let Me Go (2010)

   As children, Ruth, Kathy and Tommy, spend their childhood at a seemingly idyllic English boarding school. As they grow into young adults, they find that they have to come to terms with the strength of the love they feel for each other, while preparing themselves for the haunting reality that awaits them. 

very interesting film, a bit melancholy but would watch again